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Another podcast? Dude! Aren't there too many?

Yep. Over 700K podcasts. So why on earth another one? Well, nobody has one like mine. Nobody knows the people I know. Nobody has had the experiences I've had. Nobody interviews the way I do. Now, that could sound very pretentious, but it is true at the most basic level. It is the thing that makes me  and my podcast unique. It might be just the thing that some people enjoy listening to! See, I'm not trying to reach or please everyone. Impossible. But, there are those that do get something out of it.

Episode 1 - Conrad Jones, Principal Trumpet, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

Episode 2 - Jen Siukola, emerging jazz artist, Yamaha Performing Artist

Episode 3 - Reese Land, Professor of Trumpet, University of Louisville

Episode 4 (or 0) - About me

Episode 5 - Cathy Leach, Professor of Trumpet, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Episode 6 - Vince DiMartino, superstar trumpeter & teacher & great guy!

Episode 7 - Allen Miller, Professor of Trumpet, Butler University

Episode 8 - Marvin Perry, Principal Trumpet (ret.), Indianapolis Symphony 

Episode 9  - Tony Plog, Composer, Teacher, Trumpeter

Episode 10 - Stephen Campbell, Professor of Trumpet, Ball State University

Episode 11 - Ronald Romm, founding & former member of Canadian Brass

Episode 12 - John Foster, Director, Australasian Trumpet Academy

Episode 13 - Joey Tartell, Professor of Trumpet, Indiana University

Episode 14 - Doc Severinsen, Trumpet Legend

Episode 15 - Jeff Christiana, trumpeter & Eastman Music Company Rep 

Episode 16 - The Eastman Music Company Story in short form

Episode 17 - Fred Powell, Powell Trumpets

Episode 18 - Chris Hasselbring & Kirsty Montgomery, Brass for Beginners

Episode 19 - Roger Ingram & Josh Rzepka, promoting their new book & CD

Episode 20 - Matt Anklan, rising lead trumpet star

Episode 21 - Scott Belck, Supreme Commander, Lip Slur World Headquarters

Episode 22 - Alan Siebert, Professor of Trumpet, Cincinnati Conservatory

Episode 23 - Chase Hawkins, Principal Trumpet, Knoxville Symphony

Episode 24 - Jason Dovel, Professor of Trumpet, University of Kentucky

Episode 25 - Blake Schlabach, 2nd Trombone, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

Episode 26 - Darin Sorley, Sorley Horns

Episode 27 - Ingrid Jensen

Episode 28 - Sergei Nakariakov

Episode 29 - Jason Bergman

Episode 30 - Andrea Tofanelli

Episode 31 -  Marisa Youngs

Episode 32 - Sara Stoneback

Episode 33 - Matilda Lloyd

Episode 34 - Brian Neal

Episode 35 - Marc Reese

Episode 36 - Malcolm McNab Part 1

Episode 37 - Malcolm McNab Part 2

Episode 38 - Mike Williams

Episode 39 - Terry Everson

Episode 40 - Aaron Romm

Episode 41 - Jeffrey Curnow

Episode 42 - Mary Elizabeth Bowden

Episode 43 - Jose Sibaja

Episode 44 - Mark Degoti

Episode 45 - Ryan Anthony

Future Episodes:

Episode 46 - Bob White

Episode 47 - Nancy Taylor

Episode 48 - Rex Richardson

Episode 49 - Paul Mergen

Episode 50 - Steve Patrick

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