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Trumpet Lessons

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Professional and/or independent students

University students

High School Students

Middle School or Beginners
$25/half-hour or $40/45 min


1  - Lesson fees are due at the beginning of each lesson.  
2 - Lessons are billed for 4 lessons in advance! This makes it easier for you to not have to remember your money each week, and easier for me because I don't have to ask to be paid each week :)
3 - In actuality, you are buying my time. I will set aside a regular day and time for you each month. If you miss your lesson, you forfeit that money. However, if I receive 24-hours notice that you will miss, I will credit you for that lesson, but only once every month.
4 - If for any reason I have to cancel a lesson you will be credited for that lesson.
5 - If for any reason the school schedule or weather prevents a lesson from being given you will be credited for that lesson.
6 - If you are going to stop taking lessons, I need two-weeks notice so I have time to fill your lesson spot. If you stop lessons, you forfeit any money already paid.