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Hi Mr. Powell, this is Kent from Warren Central and I was a proud member of the trumpet sectional you ran last Thursday. I think it would benefit me to have a one on one lesson with you...I think you're a brilliant trumpet player and I would enjoy learning from you if at all possible. - Thank you, Kent


Masterclass Format – 45 minutes to 2 hours
A masterclass format includes the involvement of one or more students. I will critique student performances  of prepared solos or ensemble selections. Suggestions regarding phrasing, practice/rehearsal techniques will be offered and demonstrated. Fee: Negotiable

Clinic Format – 45 minutes to 2 hours
I will discuss what it takes to be a successful working professional musician. I will present ideas and methods for ideal trumpet performance. Basic and advanced skills and techniques will be discussed and demonstrated. Student interaction is greatly encouraged! Fee: Negotiable

1 Day Residency
Masterworks6 will present a masterclass and/or clinic and then rehearse with the wind ensemble , jazz band or orchestra, followed by a same-day concert.
Fee: Negotiable

2 Day Residency
Same as above, but with the performance on the 2nd day. The first day will also include opportunities for students to take private lessons (covered under the school’s fee). The 2nd day will include additional masterclasses to either the same classes or an additional school within the feeder program, additional/dress rehearsal and performance.
Fee: Negotiable